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When general treatments aren't effective and you find yourself facing surgical options, you couldn't find yourself in more capable hands than with our ENT surgeon here at Aurora ENT.
In fact, Dr. Mary Totten is among the most qualified ENT surgeons in the entire Anchorage, AK area, and she has the successful track record to prove it. Whatever your ailment, if surgery is indicated, we're here to give you the best chance for a successful outcome.
Come and see us for a consultation today! We accept cash, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and checks for our services, and we offer payment plans customized to your situation.
An ENT surgeons giving a child a throat exam in Anchorage, AK

Ear, Nose, and Throat

At Aurora ENT, we are dedicated to providing treatment that is easy to understand and tailor-made to your situation. We specialize in treating ear infections, balance disorders, throat infections, voice disorder, and sleep apnea. Our respected ENT surgeon offers the finest medical services available. Don't leave your ear, nose, and throat problems to any doctor- contact a professional ENT practitioner in Aurora today.

Sinus Issues

At Aurora ENT, we specialize in treating common sinus problems in both children and adults, including sinus headaches and chronic sinus infections. Our sinus clinic is convenient, our treatments are effective, and our doctor is courteous and professional. Proud to be serving the local community in Anchorage, our ENT surgeon is here for you and your family.


Dr. Totten's philosophy

"I enjoy patients of all ages and take great joy in the relationships that develop over time. It is a privilege to be entrusted with each patient’s care and my greatest reward is returning each patient to a better state of health and well-being."

- Dr. Mary Totten
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