Dr. Totten has retired and is no longer scheduling appointments. If you are a current patient and would like a copy of your records, please contact our office as the Practice will be closing in February.


Caring for my patients has been the most rewarding part of my 15 years here at Aurora ENT. Your ongoing healthcare is important and I want to be sure that your records are available to you. If you need a copy of your records or need the records transferred to another provider, please submit the release of information form as soon as possible. Once completed, you can submit the release to us by any of the following methods:

mail to 3340 Providence Dr., Suite 461, Anchorage, AK 99508;

email to lsawyer@auroraentmd.com; fax to (907) 277-6695; or hand deliver to our office. Due to security concerns, we are not able to email records to patients. You will be notified when your records are ready. If you prefer to have an electronic copy rather than a paper copy of your records, please provide us with a flash drive. 

Staff will be working through the month of January 2023 processing requests.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (907) 277-6673.

Please note that our office staff will be working with reduced hours Monday through Thursday through January 31, 2023. If you need to stop by, please call ahead at (907) 277-6673 to verity we’re here.


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Aurora ENT

Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor located in Anchorage, AK

From sinusitis to hearing loss to a tonsillectomy, ear, nose, and throat problems are best handled by a specialist. In Anchorage, Alaska, your ENT needs will be best cared for at Aurora ENT. The providers at Aurora ENT - Dr. Mary Totten - is not a conveyor line doctor running people in and out as fast as possible. She believes that maintaining a schedule that allows ample time with each patient is key to positive, successful patient-doctor relationships. Aurora ENT provides every patient with all of the information they need about their diagnosis, treatment plan, recovery, and insurance coverage.

Dr. Mary Totten, MD, founded Aurora ENT to provide more compassionate and comprehensive care to her patients. 

Aurora ENT aims to provide the best quality of care possible to every patient by offering services that set the practice apart from other providers, including:

  • An in-office camera that allows patients to see what is being performed as well as photos they can take home
  • Opportunity for every patient to speak with the doctor privately
  • A commitment to following up on treatments and recovery
  • A thorough explanation of the bill and insurance


Aurora ENT offers a non-surgical procedure for patients who suffer from repeat nasal polyps with SINUVA (mometasone furoate) Sinus Implant. SINUVA is proven to reduce polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction.

What is SINUVA?

SINUVA is a sinus implant that treats nasal polyps without surgery. During a routine office visit, Dr. Totten will use topical and/or local anesthesia to numb the patient's nose and sinuses. SINUVA is then placed in the sinus cavity through the nasal opening.

How SINUVA Works?

Its innovative design provides a 2-in-1 approach: it is designed to open in the sinus caivty and release anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps for up to 90 days.

SINUVA benefits (At Day 90)

  • Significantly reduces nasal obstruction and congestion
  • Significantly improves impaired sense of smell

The most common adverse reactions observed in a clinical trial were bronchitis, upper respiratory or middle ear infection, headache, light-headedness, asthma and nose bleed. SINUVA is indicated for adults with nasal polyps who have had ethmoid sinus surgery.

For more information about SINUVA, visit www.SINUVA.com. For education and resources on chronic sinusitis and chronic sinusitis treatment options, visit www.MySinusitis.com.

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We are pleased to announce that we are an in-network provider with Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, United Healthcare and Multiplan/Beech Street.

Patient Portal

We are pleased to provide patients with secure, 24/7 access to their health records through the Aurora ENT's Patient Portal. Patients can safely and easily:

  • Update demographic information
  • View summary of chart notes
  • Refill requests
  • Answering questions about surgery
  • Access relevant health education materials

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Insurance Providers

Please contact our office for more information about our insurance policies.

Blue Cross
Multiplan/Beech Street

Words from our patients

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    "Dr .Totten took care of my daughters tonsillitis she was great ,and my daughter healed fast."

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  • Vitals

    "Dr. Totten was my first choice when we needed an ENT MD for our daughter. She has a great attitude and just takes care of things that need management."

    Verified Patient
  • Vitals

    "If it's after hours I always get a call back from the doctor. She is truly the most loving, kind person. I trust her. Thank you to the whole office."

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